Top Ten Reasons Why Using Pavers Around Your Pool Is A Great Idea

Concrete Paver Pool Surround and Patio - Image courtesy of Belgard

Concrete Paver Pool Surround and Patio - Image courtesy of Belgard

Concrete Pavers For Pool Surrounds and Decking

Nothing beats relaxing by the pool on a hot day in the California Bay Area. Installing a beautiful pool in your backyard is pretty exciting, and very labor intensive. While working with your landscape architect, contractor or design-build professional, the topic of hardscaping your pool surround, and patio will inevitably come up. Odds are your landscape professional will offer you several choices for materials like wood decking, stamped concrete, and concrete pavers.

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There's a bit of a debate in the hardscaping industry as to which of these materials are the best choice for around the pool. Here at Bayside, we believe that when you're hardscaping the pool area, professionally installed pavers are always the best choice! Here are the top ten reasons why.

  1. They Will Last A Lifetime

    When professionally installed, nothing can outlast high-quality pavers. They're incredibly durable; in fact, no other material can withstand the wear and tear of daily use better. Wood can splinter and needs annual staining or painting, concrete slabs can crack, and natural stone can chip, but professionally installed pavers can last a lifetime.

  2. They're Perfect For an Outdoor Environment

    Here in the Bay area, you pool decking is subject to many factors that can contribute to wear and breakage like extreme weather, heat, drastic temperature changes, sunlight and of course water. Lesser materials can fade or fail, but color-through pavers won't wear or fade even with constant exposure to the elements.

  3. Fast, Easy Installation

    A professional installer can prepare the site and install your decking in days, not weeks like other materials. Once placed, you can begin to enjoy your pool the day your decking is complete. Concrete can take days or even weeks to cure, and stained wood decking can't be walked on for at least 48 hours after the last coat!

  4. Easy Repair

    When professionally installed, pavers can last a lifetime. However, accidents happen and a paver may get damaged. Luckily, because they are individually interlocking elements, it's fast and easy to remove and replace a damaged paver.

  5. They're Safe

    Tile or stone can be slippery when wet. Because of their texture, pavers are one of the safest alternatives for pool decking.

  6. They are Flexible

    Pavers are available in some textures, and sizes and can mimic natural stone. They can be arranged in a variety of patterns or designs. This gives you the flexibility to create a look that fits in perfectly with the rest of your landscaping and can meet your aesthetic needs.

  7. Pavers are Affordable

    Installing a new pool is expensive. Pavers are an affordable option that can keep your project on budget. They rival the cost of stamped concrete or wood but are a much more durable, lower maintenance, affordable alternative.

  8. Pavers can Bring New Life To An Old Space

    Sometimes it's time to renew or replace your existing pool decking, for example, if your old concrete decking is cracked and faded. Using a thin profile paver to create a layer on top of your existing decking can bring your pool area back to life.

  9. Pavers Can Be Made From A Variety of Stones

    Just because you've chosen to use pavers doesn't mean you can't have the look of natural stone. They can be constructed from a wide variety of stone allowing you to bring the sophistication and style of natural stone to your outdoor space affordably.

  10. Pavers are Beautiful

    The most compelling reason to choose pavers for your pool surround is simply that they're beautiful! They come in a wide variety of colors, textures, styles, and sizes. You can use pavers to create intricate designs that can bring a sophisticated and elegant look to your landscape, creating a beautiful outdoor environment that the whole family can enjoy.

Professionally installed pool deck pavers can improve the look and add value to your California Bay Area home. If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of using pavers around your pool, give Bayside Pavers a call and ask for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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