Why Using Patio Pavers For a Hot Tub Base Is Your Best Option

Hot Tub Installation Using Patio Pavers

Patio Pavers Are The Ideal Support For Hot Tubs 

If you're thinking about installing a hot tub for the family now's the time to do it! Nothing is better than relaxing with a cold drink while enjoying a warm summer night in the hot tub. But before you run out to the hot tub store, consider where you're going to place it, and what you're going to place it on.

Concrete patio pavers are a smart choice. They're beautiful, affordable, and durable. They come in a wide range of colors, styles, sizes textures and patterns. Working with a professional hardscape contractor will ensure that the site is prepared correctly including excavation, leveling, aggregate, compaction, and sand. Once the pavers are in place, they will sweep hydrostatic sand into the joints, and you can set your hot tub up as they leave your driveway. Patio pavers require no curing time like a cement slab.

Pavers provide a custom solution that offers quick installation, and plenty of room for creative design. They can be used for a large or small area and can be made from concrete, porcelain, brick or stone. Along with flexibility, patio pavers offer some additional benefits.

Here are a few reasons why patio pavers are the best choice for your hot tub.

Permeable Pavers Are Environmentally Friendly

Permeable pavers are available which are an environmentally sound choice. They're durable and stand up well to heat and water. Because they are permeable, they allow water to pass thru, so there is never any pooling around the hot tub. Permeable concrete patio pavers are a cost-effective alternative to natural stone, offering the same long-term durability at a more budget-friendly price. Proper installation is essential to make sure to work with a qualified professional.

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Another key feature that permeable pavers provide (actually all concrete pavers provide) is safety. They are a non-slip surface under your feet, which is important in keeping your family safe when getting in and out of the tub. Plus they're durable and can take plenty of wear and tear while looking beautiful and keeping everyone safe.

Why Patio Pavers Are A Smart Choice Instead of Poured Concrete or Wood For Your Hot Tub

While there are alternatives to patio pavers hot tub deck, they can't stand up to pavers. A poured concrete or concrete slab platform can support the weight of the tub, but over time can present issues. For example, standing water that seeps under the tub can create problems. If you're using mortar to tie slabs together, it can disintegrate over time making the base unstable.

Timber decking needs to be incredibly well designed and may require reinforcement to carry the weight of the tub. Timber also degrades over time and requires annual maintenance that takes time, and costs money. Patio pavers offer a range of benefits over all other materials for constructing a hot tub base.

Here are just a few reasons to consider patio pavers for a hot tub base:

• They're Extremely Durable

They are a high-density material that offers more support than concrete slabs or wood. Their low absorption rate makes concrete pavers resistant to efflorescence or salt scaling, a common problem with poured concrete.

• They Offer Easy Access

If there is a problem with buried lines leading to your hot tub, like electric or plumbing utilities, concrete pavers can be easily removed to allow fast access, and then simply replaced. Compare this to having to jackhammer and re-pour a concrete slab.

• They're Beautiful and Offer Flexible Design Possibilities

Pavers add character and elegance to any outdoor living area. With interlocking pavers color, shape, texture, and size offer incredible design flexibility to match any outdoor landscaping you already have in place.

• They're Economical

Paving stones are a cost-effective alternative to other types of pavement, especially over the long-term. When maintenance and replacement costs are considered, pavers are more economical than cement and wood and offer the look of natural stone at a much lower cost.

• They're Modular

Paving stones can be installed in some patterns from curves and straight lines to intricate designs. You can add to your outdoor living space in stages using patio pavers to create new areas as your needs change and your budget allows.

• Your Hot Tub Is Ready To Use Immediately

Unlike poured cement which needs up to a month to properly cure or wood decking which needs to be stained, concrete patio pavers can be used the day the installers leave!

When installing a hot tub, there are several considerations may impact the construction of the base. Your contractor will take into account factors including the load requirements, drainage, soil conditions, and paver style and thickness. Professional installation is always recommended when there are load bearing requirements.

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