3 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Pool Patio


Having a pool can create summer memories for the whole family. To really maximize on a pool you can lounge around in and entertain company with, you’ll need to pay attention to your pool patio.

Having a brilliantly built pool patio with all the bells and whistles will increase the value and use of your entire pool.

A Sonoma County paver contractor can build, renovate and add to your pool patio in ways you couldn’t imagine.

To make the most out of your pool patio, read on and use the tips presented.

Bring In A Sonoma County Paver Contractor For Resurfacing Work

In order to really ramp up your pool patio, you should contact a Sonoma County paver contractor that focuses on resurfacing.

Your patio is a candidate for resurfacing any time that you notice materials stripping, peeling, cracking and otherwise showing signs of age. Resurfacing a pool patio becomes a health and safety issue if you’re dealing with corrosion or rust.

Contact a Sonoma County paver contractor that can show you some options — to include fresh paint and brand new materials installation.

Seek out some reliable estimates so that you can plan out a budget.

Add Some New Functions And Features

The functions that you add to your pool patio make a huge difference in the way you use it.

Installing some beautiful, eco-friendly lights allows you to create a vibe with your pool that lets the party last well into the night. These energy efficient lights will help you create a wonderful mood without your electric bills getting out of control.

You can use technology to your advantage when you need your pool patio to also have some functionality.

For instance, you can install some apps that let you control the jets, pool temperatures and other matters inside of your pool. Stay on par with app updates, so you’re constantly increasing these functions.

Further, a pool patio is the perfect setting for a hot tub to accompany your pool. You can install a hot tub on your patio for between $3,500 and $8,000.

Maintain Your Hot Tub To Its Best

Without a doubt, the best thing you can do for your pool patio is to keep it clean and well maintained.

To get the most from your patio, stay away from chemicals that will strip it and break it down. Instead, stock up on some essential oils and soft soaps that will get rid of dirt, while maintaining the materials.

You can also bring in a pool patio contractor that can offer routine cleanings and maintenance plans. This way, you won’t have to worry about your patio becoming a dingy eyesore due to constant use.

Get In Touch For Further Service

The biggest part of these tips to keep in mind is that you can’t leave your pool patio work to just anybody.

A Sonoma County Paver Contractor will work hard to keep your patio in pristine condition while increasing its functionality. Contact our professional patio team for more information today.

Michael Conway