What Are The Benefits of Interlocking Permeable Pavers?


One of the questions that we get asked the most often here at Bayside Pavers is “What are the benefits of interlocking permeable pavers?” In this article, we will answer that question as well as provide you with plenty of information to help you learn all about permeable pavers.

Interlocking permeable pavers are self-draining.

Permeable pavers are strong and durable while filtering water at the same time. Instead of letting water sit on the surface, it seeps through the pavers and cracks. This allows the area to easily drain, preventing puddles and allowing the water to reach the soil below. Thus, permeable pavers are self-draining and they help to prevent runoff.

Interlocking permeable pavers provide positive benefits for the environment.

Their construction makes them very environmentally friendly, as they keep runoff from polluting waterways. They allow water to make its way back to the ground, continuing the water cycle. Using permeable pavers will also allow you to save money in the areas of retention and drainage systems since they are self-draining. This a major benefit of using them. The stone or sand underneath the pavers filters the water to the soil below, thus watering the ground. These pavers absorb water much in the same way as grass, dirt, or any other outdoor ground would. Because of this, any water that falls on your pavers is able to easily drain to the soil below.

Interlocking permeable pavers help prevent erosion.

Another benefit of interlocking permeable pavers is that even be installed to guide the water wherever you need it to go. The paver’s permeability prevents puddles and areas of standing water. In turn, this prevents bugs that are attracted to water. Plus, since there are no standing puddles, the pavers dry rather quickly, and there is no slippery surface. These pavers also help to prevent erosion.

Interlocking permeable pavers are long lasting.

Because they interlock, interlocking permeable pavers are quicker to install than many other materials. Therefore, the job moves along quickly, which saves you money. Interlocking permeable pavers also look pretty and add a touch of elegance to any home. Permeable interlocking pavers have a long and sturdy life. They last for much longer than other materials used in its place, such as concrete.  Another benefit of interlocking permeable pavers do not absorb much heat, so they aren’t too hot to bare feet, even in the summer months.

Interlocking permeable pavers add beauty to your outdoor areas.

They will add great curb appeal to your house and give it a clean and beautiful look, no matter where you choose to use them. These pavers will make your outdoor area much more attractive than if you used asphalt or concrete, which oftentimes can become an eyesore. Unlike concrete, permeable pavers do not crack. One reason for this is that they are simply very strong and durable. Another reason, however, is that they are flexible and move with the ground. If the ground shifts a bit, concrete will crack. Pavers, on the other hand, are just flexible enough to shift right along with the ground, which prevents them from cracking. They come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, styles, and textures, and they can be arranged in a number of designs. This allows you to transform your outdoor area, giving it whatever look that you please. You can learn more about paver options and patterns here.

Interlocking permeable pavers are a great investment.

A big benefit of these pavers is that they are also very easy to clean. They can easily be hosed off, and they have very low maintenance. To replace a paver that has become damaged or stained, it can simply be removed and a new paver can be set in its place. Pavers are good for a lifetime! You won’t need to redo your areas where you use pavers. Driveways, pool decks, patios, and walkways are a few of the areas where you might use interlocking permeable pavers. Adding appeal and practicality, using pavers in your yard will increase the value of your home. With their self-drainage, low maintenance, durability, and beauty, interlocking permeable pavers are a great material to use for many of your outdoor areas.

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