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The Benefits of Artificial Turf Go Well Beyond its Beauty

Homeowners are increasingly using artificial turf because it offers year-round beauty in drought prone areas, which have become more prevalent in recent years. It enhances curb appeal while adding more space outdoors for entertaining, family activities and pets.

Artificial Grass Needs No Watering, Cutting or Maintenance.

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf needs no maintenance at all to stay lush and green throughout the year. You’ll never have to regularly water or mow your lawn once you’ve laid the turf down. When leaves start to fall in autumn, all you need to do is sweep them up. You never have to worry about your lawn and how it looks, which is one of the main benefits of having artificial turf. You’ll have more time to enjoy your yard entertaining and just being with family and friends.

Artificial Turf is Eco-Friendly

Since artificial grass never needs to be cut there is no need for an electric or gas-powered lawn mower, which means it is more environmentally friendly than natural grass. Just use a broom to sweep up any soil or debris that may collect and you’ll have your lawn looking perfect again. Furthermore, you will never need to use toxic chemicals on your grass to keep it healthy. It is widely known that these chemicals are a danger to the health of children and pets, contaminate water systems in the community and have a broader negative affect on the environment.

Grass Will Remain Green All Year Long

Natural grass and sod go dormant in winter, which causes them to turn an unsightly brown. This is even worse in arid areas and those experiencing drought conditions, which have become more widespread in recent years. Artificial turf will not become discolored no matter the season.

Inexpensive to Replace

When it finally comes time to replace your artificial turf, you will find that it is a lot easier and a lot less expensive than buying sod or grass seeds to landscape the area. If the artificial grass being replaced is not totally worn out, you can recycle it by using it in other areas like dog runs and/or garden pathways, which helps the budget even more.


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