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A Retaining Wall can help you extend an area.

Retaining walls are a common necessity in many yards. Retaining walls retain soil, which prevents the soil from collapsing and producing a steep slope. In other words, they maintain the earth that might otherwise slide away. Without a retaining wall, steep and unstable areas would be dangerous and could even hurt the areas around it. However, a retaining wall prevents this from happening. In addition retaining walls enable you to use those steep and challenging parts of your yard, which you otherwise might not be possible to use.

Retaining walls offer the prevention of erosion as one of their many benefits.

They also help to prevent erosion, and a retaining wall will confine soil and work to shape the landscape. The conditions around the retaining wall, such as if the soil is sand or clay or whether or not there is something heavy above it, are all factors to consider when building the wall. Here at Bayside Pavers, we take all these things into consideration and then construct a strong wall that suits all of your needs.

Some retaining walls are shorter and hold back small slopes, while others are much larger, working to keep large mounds of earth in place. No matter their size, our retaining walls don’t crumble or decompose and require very little maintenance.

Retaining walls can increase your home’s value.

A retaining wall can even increase the value of your home. It provides privacy and is made to appear aesthetically pleasing. They can also help to separate one area of your yard from another.

While their main function is definitely to retain soil, retaining walls don’t have to be an unattractive and boring component of your yard. Your retaining wall can coordinate with the rest of your landscape. It can also help to direct your focal point to a certain area of the yard. Although retaining walls are built to do a job, they can still be a pretty part of your yard. Shorter retaining walls sometimes section off gardens, creating a special space for them.

Choose from a variety of colors, textures, and options for you to Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is made from concrete blocks, which are small enough to allow the wall to work with twists and turns. Therefore, it can have a curved shape if needed, rather than just being made in a straight line. Retaining walls can be designed in a variety of different colors and textures, allowing you to decide what type of look you want your wall to have. We will be happy to discuss all of the options available to you!

Even the blocks which make up the wall come in a variety of shapes. Your retaining wall can be unique and still do its job. The colors and textures you use to choose for your wall will make it personal and unique, complementing the areas around it and being an aesthetic element of your yard, while still doing its job of retaining.

A retaining wall does not have to be ugly or an eyesore. It can do its job and hold back earth, while still being an appealing feature of your yard. You can incorporate your retaining wall into your outdoor space. Whether you want your retaining wall to blend in with its surroundings or stand out as a beautiful feature of your yard, we can help construct one that perfectly fits you and the needs of your home.


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